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Preacher Needed - Hillsboro, Texas

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Hillsboro Church of Christ, Hillsboro, Texas, is seeking a full-time minister.  We are a small congregation, approximately 85 members, with a great desire to grow, not only in numbers but in the Word.  We are located between Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin on IH35.  Looking for a qualified individual wanting to be an active part of our church, who is dedicated to reaching the lost and helping to mature those in the faith.  Additionally, having sound doctrine, being capable of relating to people of all ages, in the Church and Community, and inspiring them to love God and their neighbor.    Please send your resume along with any questions to:

Hillsboro Church of Christ

P.O. Box 733

Hillsboro, TX  76645

Call or Text:  254.582.5669

And/or email: