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Preacher Needed - Burlington, Iowa

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Position Available: Minister
When are you looking to fill this position?: Imediate
Please describe the position: The Church of Christ in Burlington, IA is actively searching for an evangelist/minister to serve and work with us. We are a small congregation of about 45, located in southeast Iowa next to the Mississippi River. We have a dedicated Eldership in place and are committed to sound doctrine. Salary is dependent upon qualifications. If you are interested in being a part of this great work, please send a resume and cover letter explaining your interest and needs to: Terry Sarrazin or

Burlington Church of Christ
2120 S Roosevelt Ave.
Burlington, IA 52601

Attn: Terry Sarrazin
Qualifications needed: Godly man looking to spread the word
Congregation Name: Burlington Church of Christ
Does the congregation have elders?: Yes
Congregation size: 50
Contact Name: Terry Sarrazin
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone: (319) 754-5684