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Dover Church of Christ

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The Dover Church of Christ is prayerfully seeking a full-time minister. The ideal candidate should be an experienced minister with proven abilities and zeal to help the church grow in love. He must share the vision of what the Lord's church should be and how we can better align ourselves with God's will. We need someone who is willing and able to preach the word of God, be an active force in the life of the church and be able to encourage all members of the congregation to be involved in teaching and reaching out to the community.

The candidate must have a solid knowledge of the Bible and the ability to make close personal connections within the church and the local area. He will have an intense desire and heart for seeking and bringing the lost to Christ, as well as the ability to create harmony within the body of believers. We are seeking a man who is a team player who will work with the congregation in its mission of sharing the Gospel and doing the will of God. The candidate and his family will be strong in the Word and well-grounded in their faith, with a life that reflects their deep love of God, His church and mankind.

Candidates must possess a degree from an accredited institution and/or experience relevant to the work of the Lord.


An application form may be requested by sending an email to or request by mail addressed to:

Minister Search
Dover Church of Christ
P O Box 1497
Dover, DE 19903