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Preacher Needed - Alexandria, Virginia

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JOB: Gospel Preacher

PURPOSE: The Alexandria church of Christ is seeking a Gospel Preacher (GP) who is knowledgeable of the Scriptures with the ability to preach, teach, and equip the Church for discipleship and service. The GP will be a devoted follower/disciple of Jesus who is passionate about helping others live and grow in Christ and come to a true understanding and relationship with Christ. The GP’s life should demonstrate a passionate faith in God, through Christ, and he must set the proper example of Christian behavior at all times. The GP, under the leadership of the church, will work and support the vision and mission of the Alexandria church of Christ. 

Points of Contact: Please contact for complete ad.

Brother Stephen Hernandez – (210) 485-8948 or

Brother Carl Ruiz – (703) 598-8674 or