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Family and Youth Minister Needed - Greenville, Texas

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The Creekside Church of Christ in Greenville, Texas is seeking a Family & Youth Minister who will partner with our congregation to promote the spiritual development of our youth and families, help strengthen the foundation of the home, and mentor our families and youth in practicing our faith in the community and with one another while reaching the lost.



  • Coordinate retreats for families, married couples, and youth
  • Coordinate Family and Youth events
  • Coordinate Leadership Conventions (LTC or L2L and Teach the Truth – T3)
  • Coordinate domestic and/or international mission trips
  • Coordinate Youth camp(s)
  • Help coordinate VBS
  • Make in-home visits to each family’s (youth and young families) home a few times a year
  • Coordinate after school programs for youth and young families
  • Be in a teaching rotation
  • Be willing to fill in preaching



We offer a competitive salary and vacation package.

 Send resumes and inquiries to: OR Creekside Church of Christ, 6113 Jack Finney Blvd, Greenville TX 75402