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Pulpil Preacher Needed: Salisbury, Maryland

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The Salisbury Church of Christ congregation is seeking a full-time preacher to provide a balanced ministry of preaching, teaching, and evangelism to help our 35-member congregation grow both in membership and spiritually in the word. We are located in beautiful Salisbury on the eastern shore of Maryland, approximately 100 miles from Washington DC, and 30 miles from the ocean.


The ideal candidate should have experience teaching and preaching (preaching school training preferred, but not required). He should be of strong personal faith and doctrinally sound in the scriptures. He should also be energetic and have the right heart to prioritize evangelistic work intended to grow the church and its mission.


Preaching, evangelism, teaching, and be actively involved in the life or our church family.

Additional Information

Our church offers a competitive salary, but no housing.


To Apply

Send a copy of your resume and statement of faith along with a picture and three references to