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Preacher Needed - Kennewick, Washington

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The church in Kennewick, Washington is looking for a full-time preacher. They are a congregation of 70-80. The current minister is leaving on good terms, and will not be leaving until August 1st. The minister chosen needs to be grounded in the Truth, bible based, and have the zeal to proclaim it. The minister needs to be able to relate to all ages. The congregation has two elders. The church owns their building and a 3 bedroom 2 bath parsonage across from the building. The minister will be expected to fill the pulpit duties full time, teach classes on a regular basis including working with the youth, make visits as needed and assist members in evangelizing the community. They would prefer the applicants to be married and have some preaching experience. Preaching training school graduate and being tech savy is considered a plus. They are offering a healthy salary with several benefits included. All applicants will be considered. Please provide a copy of your resume and a DVD, audio file or link to recent sermons. Due to the many false doctrines creeping into the church today the applicants will be required to fill out a questionnaire from the elders of the congregation. Please send all information or questions to