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Preacher Needed - Elkins, West Virginia

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Members of the Goff Street Church of Christ in Elkins, West Virginia are seeking applicants for a full-time minister.  The minister will be responsible for: 1. Teaching, 2. Edifying, 3. Counseling, 4. Direct the spiritual growth of the congregation, and 5. Be proficient in presenting power point presentations. The personal attributes needed for this position are as follows: 1. Friendly, 2. Positive, 3. Energetic, 4. Sociable, 5. Enthusiastic, 6. Self-motivation is a must. The successful candidate must have a superior knowledge of the Old and New Testament.  We are looking for a minister who can use that knowledge with proficient verbal and written communication skills.  Experience and leadership are also required. The minister will be required to prepare and deliver two (2) sermons each Sunday and extend an invitation to obey the gospel on Wednesday evenings.  Other duties include, but not limited to: teaching weekly bible classes, host weekly radio/TV programs and visitation.  The minister will perform other duties and services for the congregation as needed. The minister will receive two (2) weeks of paid vacation annually.  One (1) additional week of paid leave may be taken for professional edification or speaking engagements.  The minister will be paid a weekly salary that is agreed upon by the minister and the congregational representatives. Location: The Goff Street church of Christ is located in the heart of the mountain state.  Elkins is located in Randolph County, the largest county in the state of West Virginia.  The community is surrounded by beautiful scenic settings which provide all types of activities all year long.  Elkins and the surrounding area have been described as a friendly neighborhood community with low crime rate, modest cost of living and a strong commitment to family values making this area a wonderful place to work, play and live.  Randolph County Schools provide an excellent education for its students.  All these facts make Elkins a wonderful place to work, play and raise a family.  The community offers the dedicated minister an excellent opportunity to bring Christ’s message to others. Congregation: The Goff Street congregation contains 20 to 40 active members who look forward to working with a minister to help spread the gospel within the community. Availability: The position is currently available How to Apply: Email: copy of resume, work experience, list of prior speaking arrangements, examples of writing skills (e.g., newsletter, articles, publications, etc.,) to or write to: Goff Street church of Christ, Attn. Search Committee, PO Box 3066, Elkins, WV 26241 All who are interested are encouraged to apply:  Call or text Randy Tucker (304) 541-6510 or Denny Ware (304) 341-6912 for additional information.