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Preacher Needed - Sterling, Illinois

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The Sixteenth Avenue Church of Christ in Sterling, Illinois is searching for a scripturally sound full time preacher to assist in growing our congregation spiritually and in numbers.  (Current attendance 75-90)  The preacher will be responsible for a Sunday morning sermon, Wednesday evening devotional, and a Sunday AM /Wed PM Bible Class.  The elders expect the preacher to assist them in serving the congregation, leading by example in terms of a godly family life, participation in all church activities, and visiting those unable to attend services or otherwise in need of encouragement.  Daily office hours are expected as well as the ability to assist the elders in providing counsel to members as needed.    The church provides a competitive compensation package including a health care subsidy and housing in our nearby parsonage.   Church Website


Please provide your resume and a video or audio sample of a recent sermon presentation to Andrew Moore at We promise a prompt reply to all inquiries.

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