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Preacher Needed - Omaha, Nebraska

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Harvest Field Church of Christ is looking to work with a full time preacher/evangelist.  We are very excited to work with someone who accurately handles the Word of God.  The right candidate will have to be mission minded and not easily discouraged.  Omaha is a mission field and there is lots of work ahead of us.  The congregation is a new church plant that is just over a year old.  This is a fantastic opportunity! 

Location:  Omaha, Nebraska

About Harvest Field Church of Christ:

  • We meet Sunday AM, Sunday PM and Wednesday evenings
  • On Sunday nights we share in a meal after worship
  • The congregation is very active and works well together
  • We have a solid group of women that meet several times a month together
  • Very focused and realize you don’t need permission to do a good thing
  • Mainstream church of Christ (Not Instrumental)
  • 20 members
  • We are very well organized and focused on being effective in carrying out the Great Commission
  • We worship in a large meeting space in a home
  • You will feel right at home with this congregation

What we pray to find in a preacher/evangelist:

  • Energy and dedication
  • Ready to work together in the effort and not expecting to have to do all the work
  • Accurately handle the Word and teach it effectively (Very important)
  • Not afraid to be part of something new
  • Ready to jump right in and get to work
  • Someone who is looking to work with us for the long-term
  • Mission minded, looking at the small things we do now to grow the church for the long term
  • Likes the Huskers (ok we know that one might be hard to find but we are willing to help in the conversion process)

Current offer:

  • Salary: We offer housing or $1,200 per month right now (Omaha has low cost of living)
  • We are here to help you find support if needed.
  • Our goal is to have you fully supported within three years

We look forward to talking with you about the congregation and what we are up to in Omaha.   This city is a mission field and so ready for the harvest.  We know you will have questions and we are ready to discuss everything with you.  We know you will really like working with us and can’t wait to get to know you. 

For more information about the congregation please visit our Facebook page:

Point of Contact:

Travis Heppner



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