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Preacher Needed - Pittsburg, Texas

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 November 19, 2019

Position Vacancy: Minister

Greer Blvd Church of Christ

Address: 700 S Greer Blvd

                 Pittsburg Tx 75686


Interested applicants contact Name:  David Stickels 903 573 1313

The Greer Blvd Church of Christ, Pittsburg, TX is seeking to find a minister who has a servant’s heart and will serve the Lord under the direction and guidance of the elders of the congregation. You will have a supportive, healthy and unified Body of Christ to accomplish the main objectives of this ministry. We are looking for someone who is able to provide biblical and relevant teaching by being committed to the authority of God’s Word and the application of it in your personal life.  The position will consist of preaching, assisting in supporting the members of the church, and facilitating the church growth.


Qualities and Character Traits We Expect in our Minister:

  • Christ-like Spirit - Should be evident and reflective in all his relationships.
  • Humility - The individual should be open to the direction of the elders and not his own personal agenda.
  • Self-disciplined - The position takes a lot of energy so it is vital to have a servant’s heart.
  • Positive and Patient - Valuable traits in teaching and church growth.
  • Responsible and Organized - Able to see a project through from start to finish.
  • Biblically Based - Minister must be committed to the authority of God’s Word seeking to apply it in his personal life and in the pulpit.
  • Committed to the Church Family - It is important to assist others in the spiritual development of God’s will.

  • Directions: