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Preacher Needed - Bridgwater, Katy, Texas

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December 15, 2019

List of Capabilities Desired in Preacher:                 

1. Biblically sound

2. Effective in preaching to the 25-45 year old members

3. Energetic and committed to the work

4. Responsibilities:

a. Preach two sermons on Sunday

b. Teach adult bible class, periodically

c. Conduct one on one bible studies with individual(s)

d. Maintain set office hours

e. Prepare article periodically for the weekly bulletin

f. Prepare & deliver devotional lesson, periodically

g. Participate in visitation or other programs developed for the congregation

5. Interpersonal Skills Requirements:

a. Visit those in hospital/shut-ins

b. Personal communications with visitors and prospective members

c. Visit and communicate with members and visitors before and after services

6. Miscellaneous:

a. Congregation will provide opportunities for professional development

b. Agree to a background check, credit check and periodic performance reviews

c. Resume of candidate should be supplied along with three references

d. Salary - negotiable,,

phone - 281-492-1219

church of Christ in Bridgewater Katy, Texas November 26,2019

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