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Daniel Freeman

  • 8067772905

  • 8067772905

  • 2216 58th Street, Lubbock, TX, 79412, United States

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My name is Daniel Freeman and it’s my interest to find a congregation doctrinally sound in faith and practice.  I have a wonderful supportive Christian wife and beautiful Christian daughter who’s now a student in Oklahoma Christian University.

I have 18 years’ experience preaching and teaching   I have preached at congregations in Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas.  I also have been involved with missionary works out of the United States.  I have two degrees in the Bible from Lubbock Christian University.  I have a BA in Bible and also a Master’s degree in Bible and Ministry.  I love the Lord’s church and will always fervently from the heart strive to be the best preacher I can be wherever I have the privilege to serve.  I am very fervent to practice evangelism and teach others to do so as well.

I would prefer to work under the oversight of qualified elders but that isn’t the only way I would need to be employed.  If you are seeking a doctrinally sound preacher who loves the Lord and the church please consider me in your search.  I will provide you with a resume, references and CD of recent sermons. I would greatly encourage you to please contact the elders where my wife and I currently worship and serve.  I would love to come and teach and preach for the congregation if so desired. 

In His Love,

Daniel Freeman


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