The Brown Trail School Of Preaching believes that staying touch with our Alumni, wherever they may follow God throughout this world, is critical in order to fully support their evangelistic goals and to best promote God's word in places it is most needed. Graduation is not the end of our relationship; it is only the first phase of assistance to our students. We're committed for life . . .

We ask that our alumni please continue to stay in touch with the Brown Trail School of Preaching in order to promote the best teaching and placement available for future students too.

Please send us news for your whereabouts, what you are doing, your struggles, your successes, your future plans, or anything else that we may share with those that supported your education here, and for those men who wish to follow in your footsteps. Even if it is just to update us on your address, phone, or email address so that we can update our database . . . we want to hear from you often and regularly!



Also, you may want to return to this site often and view our newsletters and look here for important news for you, as well.

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