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Preacher Searching For Pulpit

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  • Address: Texas 77338
  • Phone: 731-618-2098
  • Email:
  • Birthday: 8/12/57

Dear Brethren

I have been a full-time minister in The Lord’s church, for about twenty-seven years. I have served in His kingdom in the states of Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and Texas.

        My good brethren, preaching the gospel is such an honor, knowing the God of Heaven has entrusted me with His gospel (2 Cor.5:19).  These many years as God’s evangelist has been the grandest, and at times most difficult years of my life (Romans 5:3,4).  

I am highly skilled in community evangelism, and very effective in power point presentation.  Brethren, all my sermons and lessons are top notch, and will always be apical to our lives here upon earth, as we keep our eyes focus on Jesus (Hebrew 12:2). I will not preach, or teach anything that I cannot back up with book, chapter, and verse (I Peter 4:11).


Praise God; "whose I am and who I serve" (Acts 27:22).


Ricky Kimbel             A.K.A Preacher-man


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