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Preacher Needed - Valliant, OK

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January 29, 2020


Position Vacancy: Full Time Minister   Valliant Church of Christ

1001 N Dalton Avenue 

 PO Box 252

 Valliant, Oklahoma 74764


 Church Size & Salary: 80 to 100 / $TBA

 Parsonage? No Parsonage Contact Name: Marcus L. Elliott

 Phone: (580)933-4800




An exciting opportunity.

The Valliant Church of Christ, located in Southeast Oklahoma is looking for a full-time minister who is Biblically sound and zealous for   the cause of Christ. We desire someone skilled in teaching Bible classes and   preaching sermons that will motivate and edify the flock. Regular visitation, Evangelism and interaction with the congregation is also expected.   We want someone who will continue to help motivate us to grow spiritually and numerically. Coming up with activities for the youth is also a must. 


The church here is optimistic about future growth.  We have seen growth this past year. We  are very interested in reaching the lost and encouraging the saints, and we  desire the minister to put effort into these areas and motivate the congregation to assist him in the efforts.


The congregation does not currently have an eldership. We rely upon the men   of the congregation to make decisions for the body. We hope to have qualified   elders one day. And we have a membership that is a hard working group for the   Lord. We are interested in reaching out to the lost and strengthening the   membership!


We do not provide a house for the preacher, so the preacher is able to   choose to rent or buy a house in the area. We are willing to designate a   portion of the salary as “housing allowance” for tax purposes.


We   desire a minister who is willing to evangelize (for example: go “door   knocking”; keep social media updated, conduct home Bible studies; and other ways   to contact people) and reach out to the people in our area with the Gospel of  Christ.


Those interested in working with us should e-mail a resume, recent sermons, and a expected salary amount to Marcus Elliott at


Marcus L. Elliott Minister 


The Valliant Church of Christ

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