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Preacher Needed - Sierra Vista, AZ

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March 9, 2020

The Sierra Vista Church of Christ in Sierra Vista, AZ (also known as
the Village Meadows Church of Christ) is seeking a Full-Time Pulpit
Minister/Preacher to serve a conservative, non-instrumental
congregation of 50-60 with great potential or growth (currently
without Elders). We are located in southeast Arizona with a
surrounding community of about 50,000, a Community College, Nursing
School, University Campus, and recently built Medical Center located
near Fort Huachuca, Our Family is accustomed to serving the needs of
the military populations as well as the local community since 1958.
Sierra Vista is approximately 75 miles southeast of Tucson, AZ (an
hour to an hour and 15 minutes driving time).

An ideal candidate has extensive knowledge of the Bible, the Word of
God, and practices Sound Doctrine; is a graduate of a Church of Christ
associated university/School of Preaching in a related field of study,
i.e., Biblical Studies (experience may count towards education); is an
evangelist; and has a minimum of 10+ years pulpit experience. A
candidate with training and experience in counseling would be a plus
to their qualifications.

Duties include (but are not limited to) teaching a Sunday morning
class, the Sunday Morning Pulpit Sermon, the Sunday Evening Pulpit
Sermon, and a Wednesday evening class. Applicants shall maintain
structured office hours.

The compensation package includes an annual salary range between
$40K-$50K (negotiable); use of a recently remodeled, ranch style
block/masonry home with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fireplace, double car
garage, fenced yard, close to a grade school and is less than 2 miles
from the Church; paid vacation, paid Federal Holidays off; and Church
paid tax benefits.

Applicants must provide verifiable references and must submit a recent
audio/video of sermon(s) (or supply a URL link). Applicants are also
subject to a formal interview and an in-depth questionnaire, an invite
to a personal tryout before the congregation to include teaching a
Sunday morning class, the Sunday Morning Pulpit Sermon, the Sunday
Evening Pulpit Sermon and Fielding congregation questions, a
background check, and an examination of their performance reviews (as

Interested men should submit their resume to our Office Manager via
email or by postal service to:

Sierra Vista Church of Christ c/o Preacher Search Committee 815 El
Camino Real Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Job Closing:  05/31/2020

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