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Preacher Needed - Deer Park, Houston - Texas

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Church of Christ Deer Park     Location:  Southeast of Houston, TX

617 Avon St   Church Size:  85-90

P.O. Box 636  Elders: 5, Deacons:  5

Deer Park, TX 77536              Benefits:  Vacation

Ph:  281-479-1010 E-Mail:


The Church of Christ Deer Park is seeking a full time pulpit minister. The ideal applicant is expected to have five years full time preaching experience, preferably married with children.  He should be a motivated and faithful gospel preacher, doctrinally sound and enthusiastic, able to relate to all age groups.  He will be expected to work with our staff and elders through a balance of preaching, teaching, outreach, visiting and office administration.  He will also assist the elders in implementing our vision of growth and maturity for the church family and take the gospel to the community of Deer Park and surrounding areas.


Please send resumes, references and videos of recent sermons to the church email:


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