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Evangelist Needed - New Richmond, Wisconsin


August 30, 2020

Organization Description

The Church of Christ in New Richmond, Wisconsin is a small non instrumental congregation with an average attendance of fifteen.  With a zeal for sound doctrine and a strong belief in the repentance of sin through baptism as the means to salvation, we are in search of an evangelist who is sound in the faith and is seeking to engage in the challenge of spreading God’s word in a growing community.


Job Description/Requirements

The church here is looking for an evangelist who is sound in the faith and has an earnest desire to preach to save souls in efforts to build the congregation by installing all positions of the church including deacons and elders to a completion of biblical standards.



We are able to offer $3000.00/month.  We are open to one working outside the church as a means of obtaining further income. 

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