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Preacher Needed - Eau Clair, Wisconsin

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Eau Claire church of Christ

1701 Goff Avenue

PO Box 415

Eau Claire, Wisconsin  54702

Church of approximately fifty members seeks full-time minister to assist in the spiritual growth and development of congregation, and act as an evangelist to a city of 70,000 located in western Wisconsin. Successful candidate must be a God-reliant ‘self-starter' who demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing the spiritual needs of this congregation. Responsibilities include teaching, preaching, evangelism, and counseling while working under the direction of the congregation’s eldership.

Areas of work include, but are not limited to:

  1. Presentation of scripturally sound, spiritually-based sermons to the congregation at Sunday morning assemblies.
  2. Availability to teach Bible classes on Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday nights.
  3. Establish a balanced work routine between office hours, lesson preparation, and evangelistic efforts on the behalf the congregation.
  4. Assist the church’s eldership in planning and administration of congregation-wide education curriculum.
  5. Oversee development and utilization of the congregation’s internet web site, as well as maintaining the congregation’s presence on other forms of electronic media.
  6. Participate in visitation program for members of the congregation, especially those in local hospitals, nursing homes, and the home-bound.
  7. Contact current or former members who may not be in regular attendance, and encourage their return to faithful service.
  8. Follow-up on contacts generated from the surrounding community regarding benevolence efforts and evangelistic outreach.
  9. Respond to individual and group requests for spiritual guidance through counseling and mentoring.
  10. Participate in extra curricular activities such as pre-marital counseling, marriage ceremonies, and funeral services as requested.
  11. Be responsible for publishing weekly congregational bulletin, including insertion of short, spiritually focused articles. Included in this would be quarterly reports to the “Wisconsin Challenge” newsletter that has a state-wide distribution among the churches.
  12. Establish a relationship with Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp (WCYC), located south of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and to be willing to act as a camp counselor/teacher during one two-week camping session each year.
  13. Be prepared to submit to the eldership detailed information regarding use of time, and work performed.
  14. Engage in other duties beneficial to the congregation as determined by the eldership.

Experience/Education: Candidate should possess post-secondary education from either a brotherhood recognized Christian college or accredited preacher training school. Additional training or experience in personal evangelism, counseling, and electronic/audio-visual communications would be greatly appreciated. Age is not a factor, but preference will be given to candidates who are married. Previous work experience with small churches is also highly desirable.

Compensation: Although the church can commit to a salary commiserate with a congregation its size, western Wisconsin is a mission area. Candidates would not be discouraged from securing additional support from other sources. In addition to monetary compensation, the congregation will provide fourteen (14) days vacation time annually, provided that a maximum of two (2) days be applied to Sundays, and will allow up to fourteen (14) days annually to be used either in attendance of, or participation in, gospel meetings and lectureships as venues intended to promote personal, spiritual, and professional development. The Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls region is home to over 100,000 people. These cities are frequently lauded by national publications for the high quality-of-life available here.

Church membership is drawn from a large geographic area.

To Apply: Please send cover letter, résumé, references from two personal and three professional sources, and either audio (CD) or visual (DVD) recordings of two lessons to: Eau Claire church of Christ, PO Box 415, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54702. Electronic applications may be e-mailed to Requested information must be complete to be considered.

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