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Introduction Letter

Greetings, I am seeking a position with a sound congregation in the churches of Christ.  My name is Daniel Freeman and my wife's name is Patti. We have children but they are adults and are on their own.  Until very recently I have been the preacher of the church of Christ in McCook, NE.  I'm still in McCook and worship with the congregation but have

harmoniously resigned as the fulltime preacher. 

Primarily, I want to be in, and a part of a congregation that is sound doctrinally without compromise.  I’m currently seeking a congregation that is fully committed to seeking to know, love, and follows the truth as revealed in the Scriptures. I'm looking for a fulltime work as the preacher and evangelist. I love to preach and build up the congregation but seeking the lost for the Lord is just as essential.  No preacher can or should be assigned the work of evangelizing the community on his own without a joint effort with the members.  All of God's children are called to help sow the seed of the kingdom. We have different roles to be sure, but all are expected spread the Good News and defend the revealed will of God diligently and from the heart.  The truth is one man cannot fulfill what God expects and commands each congregation to do together. 

 I have been preaching continually for over 20 years and evangelizing and can help others to learn to engage others so souls can be saved from death and God can be glorified. I love God in Christ and I love the church.  I am a hard worker and I do not need to be asked to visit the sick, or those shut in, or so many other things that should be done. I do these things because I take responsibility and serve God to the best of my ability.  I have a BA degree in Bible and a graduate degree in Bible and Ministry from Lubbock Christian University.  I can and will provide a complete resume, links to recent live sermons.  I have Letters of Recommendation and references that can be contacted. My wife Patti is a team worker who wants to be involved with the congregation and loves to teach children. We love practicing hospitality in our home and enjoy cooking meal for members and nonmembers alike. I will be praying that God will help us find the place He wants us to serve.  If you are looking for a preacher who’s given his whole heart and soul to live for Christ in spirit and truth, then I’m also looking for you.

I can be reached at my email address,  Also, I can be reached on my cell phone at 308-737-5089.  I hope all congregations that are looking for a minister will be blessed by God.

In His Love,

Daniel Freeman


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