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Youth Minister Needed - Tampa, Florida

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November 6, 2020


YOUTH MINISTER VACANCY:  The Northwest Tampa Church of Christ has a vacancy for a full time Youth Minister, with some experience and formal Biblical education, who is seeking an active Church with a vision commensurate with Romans 12:11 "Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord".  This active 275 members Church has 7 elders, 2 other ministers, and is centrally located within a population of 2.8 million. Submit a resume to "".  Resumes should include a link to a video or audio experience teaching a youth Bible class.   

  (Please also include this Job Descriptions if you have room)  

 JOB DESCRIPTION:  The Youth Minister is to be the leader of the youth ministry and as such is to provide leadership in engaging parents and our 6th through 12th grade youth in planning and organizing the various Bible classes, devotions, and activities useful for Christ-like spiritual development.  This growth primarily includes accepting principles of salvation, living Biblical teachings in their own life, and sharing faith with those who do not know or understand Christ.  As we find it in Scripture, the Youth Minister is required to promote spiritual growth within a family unit(s) while maintaining a level of availability to parents and teens for spiritual assistance.  As a minister in the Church, the minister to youth will focus on evangelistic priorities: bringing the lost to Christ within the walls of the congregation and in the community that we live in.   The Youth Minister is asked to provide regular, relevant and modern activities for youth, parents and families to actively participate in.  These events should be separate from scheduled service times and activities, such as Bible Classes.  Aside from the occasional gender/age specific activities all youth ministry activities should be open to parent attendance/involvement.  From time-to-time the Youth Minister should facilitate activities that involve the entire family unit, including possible coordination with the Children’s Ministry. The Youth Ministry events should meet the criteria of assisting families in discovering, developing and implementing Christ-like growth.

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