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Family/Youth Minister - Salina, Kansas

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Nov 18, 2020


The Salina church of Christ in Salina, Kansas is looking for a Youth and Family Evangelist.  We are looking for a man who not only loves the Word of God, but also sound in New Testament doctrine and biblical in his teaching.  Married is preferred but not required, children preferred but not required. We would like for the candidate to have a college education, but it does not have to be in Bible; however, the candidate must be able to demonstrate a well-rounded knowledge of the scriptures and be able to teach. 

This man would be responsible in leading our youth and ministering to their families, as well as assisting the congregational evangelist in local evangelism work in the Salina area.  Responsibilities include teaching the teen bible class, take charge in all sponsored youth events and activities as well as be able to take the youth to youth rallies and leadership training events. If interested, please send questions or resumes to   

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