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Preacher Needed - Pamlico County, North Carolina

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Feb. 6, 2021


In search of Minister for New Congregation

In search of a minister with full support to help a new congregation consisting of 5 members of the Church of Christ.

We are located in Pamlico Co. North Carolina in the township of Grantsboro. This is a coastal community. We are the only Church of Christ in the County. We started the work August 2020 with seven members. Two have since had to relocate due to health reasons. We average seven to nine on Sunday worship.

We currently have a building we rent to meet in. Cost of real estate and rent here is less then surrounding counties. There are plenty of homes for sale or rent.

We are centrally located in the county and approx. 30 to 35 min from farthest part of county.

There are two Churches of Christ within 40 min to one hour drive in two different counties. Most of the denominations in this area are Christian Churches and Baptist.

If there is any interest in this work contact information below.


Kenneth F. Turcotte (Acting Evangelist)


919-750-2050 (Please text before calling so I know it’s not ROBO call)

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