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Preacher Needed - Del Rio, Texas

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March 26, 2021


The Central Church of Christ in Del Rio, Texas, is accepting applications for a full-time minister. We are a multicultural bi-lingual congregation on the Texas – Mexico border of approximately 100 members under the oversight of 3 elders.

As our church is regrouping from months of shut down living and streaming only worship services, we are seeking a mature and compassionate family man to help guide and nurture this congregation.   Our services have been streaming continually thru Covid and Mid-January in person meeting began.  This position includes bible-based preaching, teaching Bible classes, and assisting in nurturing our church members on our journey toward glory in this “post Covid” world.  

 Our search is for a minister that holds fast to Biblical truths based on an in-depth knowledge of God’s Word. This individual should be able to effectively convey these truths in a manner that is easily understood with the goal of building up the entire body in knowledge of God’s word, promoting growth as we teach our community of God’s love for all people.

Our desire is to identify and work with a minister and his family both able and willing to become a part of our congregation family and community, with a heart for ministry and service in which they share in the ministries and lives of all members of the congregation. 

Knowledge of the Spanish language is an asset, but not a requirement.

Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience - includes a family residence.

Please submit your résumé with links, recordings or DVDs of 2 recent sermons, 3 references and a current photo. Please mail this information to:


Central Church of Christ

Attn: Elders

402 West Cantu Road

Del Rio, TX   78840


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