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Preacher Needed - Fairview, WV

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March 28, 2021


Position Vacancy:  Minister

Pumpkin Center Church of Christ

18 Darrah Lane

Fairview, WV 26570


Congregation Size & Salary:  30-40/Negotiable

Parsonage:  Yes, 4 Bedroom

Marital Status:  No Preference


The Pumpkin Center Church of Christ, located in Fairview, WV a community of approximately 350 individuals of various ages, is seeking applications for a full-time minister.  We are 90 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA, 24 miles west of Morgantown, WV the home of West Virginia University and 10 miles north/west of Fairmont, WV the home of Fairmont State University.  We are seeking a servant of God to preach, teach and work alongside us.  Applicants must be solidly grounded and schooled in the scriptures and bring passion and enthusiasm for the Lord’s work. Currently the church functions without Elders and is led by the men of the congregation. 


If you would like to be considered for this ministry, or for additional information, please submit the following:

  • A current Resume
  • A current video/media of two sermons (a link is acceptable)
  • Two letters of recommendation


Marvin Wilson


Phone:  304-365-3139


  • Directions: