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Youth Minister Needed - West Erwin, Tyler, Texas

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April 27, 2021


We are looking for a full-time Youth Minister that can help teach and lead our students (6th - 12th) into discipleship and a deeper relationship with the Lord and His church.

Contact Information:

West Erwin Church of Christ

420 W. Erwin Street

Tyler, TX 75702

Visit our website at:

Or our Facebook page at:

Any interested applicant can send resume and/or inquiries to


West Erwin Church of Christ

Youth Minister Job Description & Goals

Focus: Ministry 6th-12th grades


The Youth Minister will have overall authority and accountability for the West Erwin Student Ministry (WESM).  He will be under the direct supervision of the Youth Committee that is under the oversight of the Elders. 


  1. The YM’s primary priority is training and leading the West Erwin students (6th-12th grades) into discipleship and a deeper relationship with the Lord and His This will include but not be limited to:
    • Coordination of the curriculum for the youth class(es)
    • Preparing and presenting lessons in Bible class and special events
    • Planning regular youth activities including some with family involvement
    • Communicating with parents and teens regarding the WESM calendar and upcoming events
    • Mentoring and training the students through one on one and small group Bible studies
    • Teaching and training our teenagers in the areas of discipleship, evangelism, and “mentoring”
    • Provide guidance to teens as they encounter spiritual struggles
    • Collaboratively working with the Children’s Minister to facilitate entry into the Youth Group from the Children’s Ministry
    • Planning and preparing spiritually focused trips/activities each year
    • Encourage and advise parents in counsel regarding their teen


  1. The Youth Minister will also have general ministerial responsibilities that will include:
    • Submit weekly engagement report
    • Setting, managing, and monitoring the student ministry budget for each year
    • Various involvement in the Sunday AM worship service
    • Occasional preaching opportunities
    • Involvement in church wide ministry programs
    • Attending various school activities, and other events in support of our teens
    • Hospital visitation
    • Maintaining office hours
    • Attendance of staff, and youth committee meetings


 3. The Youth Minister is expected to work closely with the other ministers and Elders at WE in setting and communicating the direction/vision of the church’s ministries, discussingideas,andmonitoring


The Youth Committee’s and Elders’ expectations for the Youth Minister include, but are not limited to:

 A healthy prayer life and consistent study time in the Bible

  1. Solid leadership and oversight of the overall Student Ministry
  2. Consistent growth in the Student Ministry in the following areas:
    • Baptisms and development of disciples
    • Leadership development among teens
    • Spiritual and numerical growth of the WESM membership and participation
    • Growth of WESM programs
    • Consistent and prompt follow up with visitors to class, church, Youth activities, and meetings



Contact Information:

West Erwin Church of Christ

420 W. Erwin Street

Tyler, TX 75702


Any interested applicant can send resume and/or inquiries to


Or contact the search committee co-chair Randy Turner at


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