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Preacher Needed - Saint Augustine, Fl

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May 17, 2021

Saint Augustine church of Christ 2900 Lewis Speedway Saint Augustine, FL 32084 The Saint Augustine church of Christ is seeking a minister to work alongside our congregation in the Saint Augustine, Florida community. The congregation is composed of many different age groups and backgrounds with an eldership that is seeking to continue to engage the membership in the work and fellowship. To help us achieve that purpose, we are looking for a minister who dedicates significant time to deep study of God’s word and then uses their trained ability to effectively explain and convey the meanings of scripture. In studying the model of the church found in the New Testament, we understand and have the expectation that the minister’s role is one of many God-given roles within the Lord’s body and are looking for a servant with expertise in understanding, explanation, and guidance in scriptural meaning. We do not have the expectation that a minister is to be a jack of all trades related to all works of the church. While we would certainly not discourage any additional relevant works in which there may be ability and desire, the core thrust of this role would be a subject matter expert in study, teaching, and guiding us into a richer knowledge of God’s word. We desire to grow closer to Christ, to be more individually active, to grow closer as a spiritual family, and to understand the Bible and its instruction more deeply. Thus, we are seeking a minister who enjoys and is skilled at digging and struggling through both the basics and the complex aspects of Biblical text and can help us understand and apply God’s word. Responsibilities: Our general expectations of time spent in a typical week will be as follows: Lesson Preparation/Teaching – 35% • Sunday AM Class • Sunday AM Sermon • Sunday PM Sermon • Wednesday Class • Wednesday Devotional Study – 50% • To be a student of the Word who is deep in understanding and to be able to craft quality lessons each week requires significant focus time. Our prayer is that this results in teaching that gives us a deeper knowledge and richer relationship with God. • Growth focus for our congregation is spiritual, not numerical. If we plant the seed in its purity, we trust that God will give the increase.Visitation – 10% • We feel that it is important that this role is involved as a supplement and often a companion to the eldership in visiting the members of the congregation. This is beneficial both for developing close relationships with us and for understanding our spiritual needs that may need education, attention and growth Miscellaneous – 5% • Assistance with various fellowship opportunities for the congregation • From time to time there may be the need to conduct weddings or funerals. Additional compensation may be available for this work depending on the circumstances. Desired Experience: • Minimum 5 years (at least 2 years consecutively with a congregation) of hands-on experience working within congregation as a minister • Experience in guiding class thought and discussion/questions • Formal training in how to properly study and determine scriptural meanings and connections • Formal training in sermon methodology (expository, textual, topical) preparation and delivery • Must be completely comfortable with technology (computers, internet, mobile) both for communication and study • Comfortable on livestream camera during classes and sermons Salary/Benefits: We are offering competitive compensation and benefits that include a housing allowance, insurance allowance, continuing training/education, and paid vacation. Please send updated resume and references to: Matt Wasson 904-669-6392

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