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Preacher Needed - Sterling Heights, Michigan

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July 26, 2021


The Metro Church of Christ in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a top ranked, growing, safe to live city, is seeking a younger man (30-45 preferred) to fill our pulpit minister position.The man we seek should have a degree from an established bible university (working towards a master degree or completion of an advanced degree preferred) and have no less than five-seven years of pulpit experience.  

The Metro church is a well-established, growing, a cappella congregation of some 60-75 families encompassing all age groups with a post Covid attendance of about 150, with very stable finances. It is staffed with two elders, seven deacons, a youth minister and a full-time secretary. For further information please visit our website.

His preaching style should be positive, personable, and engaging based on sound biblical doctrine. Content must be scripturally based and free from doctrinal direction based on politics, society or opinion.  He will develop sermons and lessons which are consistent with mission statement and direction from eldership. 

The right candidate is someone we pray will be with us for a number of years and we will compensate fairly and help in the purchase of a home. 

Contact:  Bob Harbert, 586-855-4563. 

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