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Preacher Needed - Waterford, Michigan

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October 9. 2021

Waterford Church of Christ

Waterford, Michigan


Family Life Minister – Job Description 2021


The Family Life Minister (FLM) will be responsible for coordinating both spiritual and social Youth and Family activities. The starting emphasis will be grades six through twelve, young adults and families with small children.  The FLM will work under the oversight of the elders with parents and youth to plan, organize and implement an overall program for the young people in the Waterford Church family. The goal of this program should be to promote spiritual growth and character development in our youth and to strengthen parents in their role as God’s primary “youth ministers.”  To this end, we do not expect the FLM to be solely responsible for every youth activity, but instead, we intend for him to equip and support parents and other interested adults in the extended church family.


Qualification Requirements

  • Be Biblically sound and believe in the plenary inerrant inspiration of the Bible
  • Be willing to work under the authority of the Elders
  • Have a college degree, preaching certificate, or equivalent
  • Have good organizational skills
  • Be a team player

Primary responsibilities of the FLM are related to youth and family and outlined as follows:

  • Teaching
    • Teach Wednesday night and Sunday morning 8th -12th grade class
    • Conduct regularly scheduled youth small group meetings or devotionals
    • Assist as needed with Lads to Leaders, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday & Wednesday services
    • Participate in adult Bible classes when not teaching junior high or high school classes
  • Administrating
  • Develop and publish a calendar for youth and family activities
  • Prepare an annual budget for the youth activities and maintain a monthly financial report for the Elders
  • Meet with the Elders on a regularly scheduled basis to report on the progress of the planned program activities
  • Develop relationships with youth and their families outside of a church setting
  • Recruit chaperones and helpers when necessary
  • Hold established office hours
  • Abide by the child protection policy
  • Strive to support parents and families in all materials and events


It is also expected that the FLM will spend a portion of his time attending to the ministerial needs of the congregation at large.  Additional responsibilities may include the following:

  • Assisting the Elders, Associate Minister and Senior Minister on an occasional basis with general ministerial tasks including but not limited to:
  • Conducting Bible studies
  • Following up with visitors
  • Visiting and encouraging those who have fallen away
  • Visiting those in the hospital
  • Visiting the shut-ins
  • Performing weddings
  • Presiding at funerals
  • Meeting with the Elders, Deacons and Ministers for quarterly planning meetings
  • Planning and coordinating a teen-lead Sunday morning and/or Sunday evening service (~1 per quarter).



Our Commitments to the Minister

  • Financially support with compensation in accordance with experience which will be discussed with the Elders during the interview process.
  • Strive to support you through opportunities for ongoing training and personal development
  • Maintain an atmosphere amongst the ministry team of brothers serving together
  • Strive to encourage and uplift you
  • Practice the Matthew 18 principle where applicable
  • Treat you as a valued member of our Waterford Family



Supervision of the FLM involves both spiritual and administrative accountability.  Spiritual accountability will be to the Eldership of the Waterford Church of Christ based on New Testament Biblical teaching, and administrative accountability will be to one or more Deacons and the parents with close oversight by the Senior Minister.


The salary and benefits package will be discussed with the Elders in the interview and selection process and will be based on level of experience and years of service.

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