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Preacher Needed - Tuttle, Oklahoma

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Nov 10, 2021


The church in Tuttle OK is looking for a preacher. They are a congregation of 95-105, and looking for a full time minister. The minister chosen needs to grounded in the Truth, and able to relate to all ages, and relate to the community. The congregation has two elders and five deacons. The church owns their building and a parsonage across the alley from the building. Tuttle is a community of 7800, twenty five miles southwest of Oklahoma City.
The minister will be expected to fill the pulpit duties full time, teach classes on a regular basis, make visits as needed and assist members in evangelizing the community.
They would like the applicants to be married, with a family. Applicants can send either applications or questions to Donnie Collins email, with Minister in the Subject line.

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