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Preacher Needed - Waco, Texas

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Jan 11, 2022

Position: Pulpit Minister

Size: 150
Salary: Negotiable
Parsonage: Yes
Lake Shore Drive Church of Christ in Waco, Texas is in need of a pulpit minister to replace the current minister who is retiring. Waco is a dynamic university city and a destination city for both tourists and new residents. We are located near the town of China Spring, a fast-growing suburb of Waco which has no other nearby Church of Christ. Waco is a good, wholesome place to raise a family. 
We offer:
  • Ministerial staff: a Youth Minister, Associate Minister and a Secretary.
  • Four experienced, dedicated elders.
  • A sound, Bible-based fellowship. See our "Statement of Beliefs" on our website.
  • A generous congregation which allows us to contribute to numerous mission programs worldwide.
  • A family-oriented, harmonious environment.
  • Facilities: a spacious, well-maintained auditorium plus a separate, modern fellowship and classroom building.
  • Numerous activities and opportunities to serve:
    • Ladies' Bible class
    • Active Lads to Leaders engagement
    • Energetic, full youth program
The church owns a parsonage which is available for occupancy by the new minister's family if desired. 
Come grow with us!
Please send all resumes to Dale Sheehy (Youth Minister) at 
If you have any questions about the work, you may contact Dale at the above email address or call him at 254-753-1503.

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