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Preacher Needed - Monteagle, TN

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February 15, 2022


Church of Christ, Monteagle, TN, is looking for an experienced full-time pulpit minister (the current minister is retiring).

*Degree from accredited Bible-based college or church of Christ school of preaching
*Well-grounded in the Bible
*Must be solid in Truth and deliver Scripture-supported sermons on ALL subjects, IN LOVE, regardless of possible controversial nature or society's view
*Apt and able to teach class
30-40 years of age
Married, preferably with children
Salary to be determined

Church Information:
*Meets Sunday morning for class and worship, Sunday and Wednesday evening classes
*Congregation size: 40 in attendance, varying up to 70
*2 Elders and 4 Deacons

*2-3 bedroom house provided
*Other offerings discussed at interview

If interested, please apply by mail or email with: a resume, including references and recommendations, DVD of recorded sermons. Send to Howell King, elder, 1214 Thomas Rd, Monteagle, TN, 37356, email:

All submissions will be reviewed. After selections have been made, all applicants will be notified (whether or not selected), and in-person interviews will be scheduled. From those selections, tryouts before the whole congregation will be scheduled.

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