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Preacher Needed - Springfield, Illinois

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March 16, 2022


Evangelist Wanted

The Lakeside church of Christ in Springfield, Illinois is seeking a full-time evangelist to begin as soon as available.  We are seeking an evangelist who is committed to Christ, committed to spreading the Gospel, and edifying, reproving, and encouraging the christians that meet at Lakeside.
The compensation is negotiable and commensurate with experience and ability.  Interested applicants should submit a resume, three references including contact telephone numbers, and two digital recordings of sermons, either audio or video.
Send applications by email or mail.
Send to:
or:  Tim Hattemer
       Lakeside church of Christ
       65 Rita Rd
       Springfield, Il 62712-9539

The Elders will review applications on receipt until the position is filled.

The Elders
Lakeside church of Christ

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