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Preacher Needed - Cleveland, Oklahoma

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March 23, 2022

The Cleveland Church of Christ in Cleveland, Oklahoma is a loving group of Christians striving to share the Gospel.
Our Pulpit Minister position is available now or after Graduation.
Our new Minister will be eager and prepared to evangelize, save souls, edify all who come to study and worship, communicate Christianity to the
community and above all else live a faithful Christian life.  The Minister's purpose is to preach and teach God's will through speaking sermons and teaching lessons.  He will promote unity within the congregation, strictly adhere to sound scripture-based doctrine, follow the direction and request of the men of  the congregation and work with all members.
Must be a graduate of a Church of Christ school.
Married and preferably with school aged children.
Contact Information:
Telephone No  (918) 358 2085  TOM BURGESS

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