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Preacher Needed - Mayhill, NM

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March 24, 2022


Pulpit Minister – Mayhill, New Mexico

Mayhill Church of Christ, a small, a cappella congregation, located in the beautiful Lincoln National Forest in southern New Mexico, is seeking a pulpit minister who is knowledgeable of the scriptures to preach scripturally sound sermons and teach biblically sound bible classes.  Must be willing to teach the truth on controversial topics with love, compassion, and humbleness. 

We are a congregation of 30 members, without elders.

This is an independent contractor position.  Compensation is negotiable.

Will reimburse up to $5,000 for relocation expenses.

Contact:  Bobby Moberly (575) 973-8476 or Larry Dockray (575) 635-5936

Interested applicants should email resumes to

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