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Preacher Needed - Malvern, AR

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April 2, 2022


Pulpit Minister

North Main church of Christ 

823 N. Main St

Malvern, AR 72104

North Main church of Christ, in Malvern, Arkansas, is a smaller congregation with a lot of potential for growth. We currently have 60 members and average 35 members in attendance on Sundays. We do not currently have elders or deacons at this time. We are seeking a full-time minister who is growth minded with an excellent work ethic, spiritually grounded, and interested in building relationships not only within our congregation, but also within our community. Duties will include pulpit sermons, teaching and planning adult classes, visiting, community evangelic outreach, detention services and working with other congregations in the area.

Salary will be negotiable and will be commensurate based on attendance. Submit letters of interest, resumes, references, and links/recordings to sermons (if available) to David Burruss For additional questions or information, please contact David at 501-304-0747.

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