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Preacher Needed - Blooming Grove, Texas

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April 6, 2022

Blooming Grove Church of Christ

Pulpit Minister Search

Description of Us

            We are the Church of Christ that meets in Blooming Grove, TX. The town of Blooming Grove is a small town due south of Dallas, TX, with approximately 820 people living here. The church in Blooming Grove has an average Sunday AM attendance of 45 members, with an impressive spread of different ages groups that are involved. We love to serve our community, and take care of our members.

            A major benefit for our future Minister is a beautiful parsonage around the corner, but not on the lot, of our building. We are a congregation without elders, but are striving to establish men to take up the role of elders. We attempt to have one teenage boy, and one grown man from the congregation preach once a month. If you would like to look into us more, we are on Facebook, and here is our website.

Job Description

            If you were to be our Full Time Pulpit Minister, your responsibilities would involve:

            - Preaching heavily from God's word twice every Sunday

            - Teaching Bible class on Wednesday (alternating from adults to teenagers.)

            - Staying involved with the community any way you can, striving to bring more souls to Christ.

            - As we do not have a Youth Minister, we would want you to keep         involved with the Youth of our congregation, and encourage them to stay involved with surrounding Youth Groups.

            - As you edify us, we expect you to be edified as well through your own personal studies.

            - Being a servant to the members of the congregation, and pushing the members of the congregation to do the same with you.



Contact Information

            We hope you consider joining our family here in Blooming Grove! If you are interested please call us and tell us about yourself. You can send your resume to the email's below.








Phone Numbers:

Jim Owens - (254) 678-1700

Kent Ferrell - (903) 654-1865

Todd McGraw - (903) 654-0563

Glen Gannon - (903) 345-9008

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