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Family Minister Needed - Richmond, Kentucky

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August 9, 2022



The Richmond church of Christ is seeking candidates who are equipped to assist families in raising Godly children by providing parents with encouragement, direction, and guidance for studying with their children at home, and who are able to develop a program that teaches sound biblical principles and stimulates spiritual growth opportunities..

How To Apply.  Those interested should send a letter of interest, resume with references, philosophy of Bible education, and an understanding of the role and function of elders.  Additionally, and if available, attach files or links to any class teachings, sermons, podcasts or other audio/visual material.

Mail to: Elders, Richmond church of Christ, 1500 Lancaster Road, Richmond, KY 40475

Email to:


Member of the church of Christ with a strong Bible background.

Minimum of five years’ experience in family ministry, preaching or related church work preferred.

Bachelor’s degree in Bible, family ministry or related training program or equivalent experience required.

Married with children preferred.

Must be willing to work under the oversight of the elders.

Practical experience in the responsibilities of a local congregation.

Good communication skills.

Ability to incorporate technology into job responsibilities.

Good interpersonal skills across all ages.

Verifiable references and willing to submit to a background check,

One of the first responsibilities will be developing a plan of action to accomplish the “general expectations” for this position as set out below.  This will be accomplished by working in conjunction with the elders and the other ministry staff.  Final approval will rest with the elders. 

General Expectations.

-Coordinate planned family and youth activities that reflect Biblical objectives that are in agreement with the over all mission and vision of the Richmond church of Christ.

-The Family Minister will work with the families and youth of the Richmond church of Christ, under the direction of the elders, to ensure that there is a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge modeled for Christian living through experiences and action within our families with young people.  Engage families and develop relationships that foster parental involvement.

-Develop a team of parents, our youth and adult volunteers to assist with this ministry, within the established goals, objectives and plans.

-The Family Minister will seek to provide an environment which facilitates the spiritual growth, outreach, and evangelism of the families and youth of our congregation.

-The Family Minister will plan, communicate, direct all activities of the Family Ministry effort in conjunction with  assistance from the deacons who have related responsibilities:  Youth Ministry, Lads to Leaders, Youth Education Ministry.  This includes spiritual, social, and related activities in and outside of the church building.

-Work as part of the ministry team at Richmond, which includes the minister, the minister to our seniors and our missionary.

-Foster open communication with our parents.

-Follow-up with and contact families members and youth who are not attending regularly.

-Advise the elders of any special problems, issues or conflicts with families, parents or youth.

-Stay informed and up-to-date on the various materials, resources and strategies that can be used in implementing and moving this ministry forward.

-Be available to preach as necessary.

-Provide effective and consistent communication with all of our families, the church, and the leadership about ministry activities via e-mail, text, phone calls, and social media.

-As opportunity and time permit, the Family Minister will be open to help with both college age activities and pre-youth group children activities.

-Teach classes when requested to any age group and carry out other responsibilities as directed by the elders.


Salary will be based on experience as discussed with the elders.  Salary adjustments will be considered by the elders each year.

Upon employment, actual moving expenses and associated costs will be reimbursed..

Housing allowance and mileage agreements will be discussed and agreed upon with the elders.

Two weeks paid vacation each year.  The elders ask to be informed of vacation days.

In order to remain current with positive developments, resources, and programming related  to this area of work, the family ministry will attend at least  two church sponsored programs during the year, subject to the elders approval.  Travel, housing and meal expenses will be reimbursed.

There are other paid holidays as follows: New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, including the Friday immediately following; and Christmas.


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