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Preacher Needed - Little, Oklahoma

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Sept 21, 2022


Church of Christ at Little



Minister Position


The church of Christ at Little is seeking a sound and dedicated Gospel preacher to work full-time with approximately 65 (pre-COVID) members. The congregation, which is served by two elders and two deacons, has roots back to the 1920s. The building is located on US-377 in the rural area 9.5 miles north of Seminole and 10 miles south of Prague, Oklahoma.


The church at Little actively supports mission efforts; supports local, national, and international benevolent efforts; supports Christian children’s homes; hosts an annual Ladies’ Night, and conducts a Gospel Sermon Series each year.


The congregation offers a compensation package which includes:


  1. Salary dependent upon education and experience,

  2. Monthly support for an annuity of the preacher's choice,

  3. Monthly support for medical insurance of the preacher's choice,

  4. Three bedroom, brick house with partial utilities paid by the congregation, and

  5. Opportunity for additional compensation through service as custodian and/or for providing lawn care.


Qualified candidates for the position will provide a detailed resume along with a list of references familiar with recent employment and/or educational activities. In addition, a CD or DVD of your work—if available—will be appreciated.


Serious applicants are asked to direct written inquiries to:


Church of Christ at Little

11526 N. Hwy 99

Seminole, OK 74868

Attention: Elders


In lieu of a written inquiry, applicants may contact one of the elders at the following phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses:


Larry Vickers

(405) 567-4278 (home)

(405) 567-5637 (cell)



Roger Radell, OD

(405) 567-4673 (home)

(405) 567-7049 (cell)


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