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Preacher Needed - Orange Park, Florida

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Feb 1, 2023


Job Description – Pulpit Minister (Full-time Position)

Lakeside church of Christ

January 12, 2023

Objectives of the Pulpit Minister

Bringing the lost to salvation through Jesus Christ and increasing the spiritual strength of those who are saved are the objectives of the pulpit minister.  Attainment of these objectives will be through preaching and teaching God’s Word.  To support achievement of the objectives, the minister will also conduct personal work, such as in home visits with members and visitors, visitation of the sick, and counseling those in need. 

A mission, vision and values statement for the congregation will be prepared by the elders.  Addressed will be Lakeside’s future, what is done today, guiding principles and key goals.  The pulpit minister has the primary responsibility to develop and execute the mission, vision and values.

The minister will work closely with the elders to attain the objectives. In addition, he will work as a team with the other ministers, secretary and members on an ongoing basis to plan and implement the daily work of the congregation. 

Responsibilities and Opportunities


  • Preach Sunday morning and evening sermons, generally six sermons each month (other ministers will preach periodically)
  • Teach Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes as well as special classes approved by the elders
  • Teach classes during non-assembly times as needed
  • Develop and execute other edifying events consistent with the mission, vision and values
  • Communicate with both the saved and the lost in writing as needed
  • Visit members and guests in their respective homes
  • Visit members undergoing care in a facility
  • Counsel (to the minister’s comfort and ability level) and conduct personal evangelism
  • Administer funeral/memorial services and special events as needed
  • Participate in elders’ meetings for selected topics periodically
  • Support co-workers and deacons in their ministries
  • Involvement in all types of church sponsored activities to maintain contact with the full range of members, such as Lads to Leaders, Bible Camp, Bible Bowl, Seniors group and related activities
  • Manage the church office, plan and oversee its expenses, supervise the office staff, and oversee the production and maintenance of office output, such as the bulletin and annual calendar
  • Flexible hours are permitted in accomplishing the responsibilities
  • Other responsibilities as determined by the elders


  • Speaking engagements external to Lakeside are limited to no more than three when attendance is required on a Sunday
  • Speaking engagements external to Lakeside are limited to no more than two when attendance is not required on a Sunday
  • Attendance at two lectureships or workshops of the minister’s choice are encouraged
  • Other opportunities as permitted by the elders

Compensation and Benefits

  • Annual beginning salary range of $110,000 to $130,000, subject to qualifications and with potential for periodic adjustments for cost-of-living allowances and additional responsibilities
  • Reimbursable expenses, performed during the duties of ministry, include attendance at lectureships or seminars, continuing education, and attendance at Lakeside supported events, such as Lads to Leaders, Bible Camp, and related activities. Paid by Lakeside will be the expenses of the minister only.
  • Benefits include two (2) weeks’ paid vacation per year
  • Paid working holidays are: New Year Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Friday following and Christmas Day and the day following
  • Weekly days off are Saturdays plus a mutually agreeable weekday
  • Actual moving expenses and associated costs will be reimbursed
  • Expenses not reimbursed include meals for guests, travel to visit members and potential members, postage and phone calls. Individual expenses expected to exceed $200 must be pre-approved by the elders.


  • Faithful member of the Lord’s church
  • Degree in Bible or counseling from a Christian university or preaching school
  • 3-5 years’ experience as a pulpit minister or youth ministry (+5 years is ideal)
  • Married
  • Proven involvement in planning, preparing and leading group events
  • Broad experience in the responsibilities of a local congregation
  • Excellent communication verbally and in writing
  • Ability to incorporate technology into responsibilities
  • Training received from Lads to Leaders
  • Team player
  • Fellowship skill with all members of the congregation

Contact Information

The Lakeside church of Christ is located at:
2539 Moody Avenue
Orange Park, Fl 32073
The email address is:
By phone the church office may be reached at:

  • Directions: