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Preacher Needed - Concord, New Hampshire

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Feb 6, 2023

The church of Christ in Concord, New Hampshire is prayerfully seeking a full time gospel minister.  We are a small congregation located in the capital city of New Hampshire and in the heart of New England and all of its beauty! We are located near the convenience of the city but within driving distance of the beautiful mountains, lakes and Atlantic Ocean. 

Our current preacher and his wife are planning on remaining a part of this congregation but his primary focus will be on his mission work overseas.  Our congregation has seen ups and downs in its membership over the years as is typical in New England. Our current membership is approximately twenty people. We are a loving congregation that is eager to grow and reach the lost. 

We are seeking a minister of the gospel with a strong desire to seek and save the lost.  Ideally, we are seeking a married man whose wife will take a very active role in the church and community alongside her husband; a family man with children would be ideal.  The right person will be passionate about preaching God’s word and will be dedicated to sound Biblical teaching and able to interpret Scripture.  He will have an in-depth knowledge of God’s word.  We are seeking someone who is in God’s word every day and who also has a strong prayer life.  We are searching for someone to join our family who will help us grow spiritually and numerically.  We are looking for someone who is humble, self disciplined, self motivated, responsible and organized; someone with strong interpersonal skills. 

If you do not fit this description completely, we encourage you to apply.  We will prayerfully consider all of the options that God provides for us. 


We own the church building that we worship in as well as a three bedroom parsonage on the property for the minister and his family to live in.  Utilities are paid for by the congregation.  We are able to provide a partial salary.  However, while our congregation is still small it would be helpful if the applicant was able to provide some support as well.  We do not have elders at the present time but we are working towards that goal.  Two of the men in the congregation have Bible degrees and are able to assist the preacher and congregation in spiritual matters as well as to help find avenues of support for whoever is interested in this position. 


If you are interested, please provide a current resume and photo with a one to two page statement that characterizes you, your background, experience and education.  Please also provide at least two references as well as recordings of two sermons or links, one being recent.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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