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Preacher Needed - Rockwall and Brinn, Terral, Texas

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Feb 16, 2023

Job Title:             Preaching Minister

Reports To:          Elders of the Rockwall and Brin Church of Christ

Date Approved:   February 1, 2023




Must love God and desire to serve God through his gift of preaching the Word. Must respect the Bible as God’s inspired message.


A bachelor’s degree and/or graduate degree in Bible or Ministry is preferred. A preaching minister without a degree who has had successful ministry experience would be considered.


Prefer a minimum of five (5) years of experience as a minister of a Church of Christ.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties Preach the Word

  1. Preach biblical sermons that will assist the congregation in growing into the image of Jesus, encourage members to engage in the life of the R&B body, and equip members to share the good news of Jesus with neighbors. Such sermons are to be presented in a clear, relevant, and inspiring way.
  2. Advise the elders in spiritual matters and seek guidance from the elders for sermon topics as needed. From the guidance of the elders, develop a long-term preaching plan and communicate it to them.
  3. Give the topics and texts to the worship leader coordinator ahead of time and assist worship leader in coordinating worship services so that services are "thoughtful and prepared."

Maintain a Healthy Spiritual Life

  1. Engage in spiritual disciplines, especially daily prayer and bible study, in order to maintain your spiritual well-being.
  2. Commit to being a life-long learner: Attend conferences and lectureships that will affirm, challenge, and uplift. Read books that will help to expand your depth of knowledge and
  3. Maintain relationships with mentors who will help to "sharpen the"
  4. Use days off and vacation time as opportunities for


Teach Bible Classes

  1. As coordinated between the staff and the elders, teach Bible classes from time to
  2. Lead one-on-one Bible studies as opportunities

Build Relationships with Members and the Community

  1. Build and maintain healthy relationships with church members of varying ages, backgrounds, and stages of faith through prayer, study, and encouragement so that they might grow in their
  2. Visit and encourage members who are sick or shut-in and communicate with the church secretary, other ministers, and the elders on their status.
  3. Make meaningful connections with visitors through visits, phone calls, coffees,
  4. Provide pastoral Be a listening ear, pray, and share biblical insights. Refer to a professional counselor if needed.
  5. Actively participate in congregational activities in order to demonstrate support and passion for the ministries of the Build relationships with church members so they may be nurtured in the best possible way(s).
  6. Work at developing relationships with people in the community in order to share the gospel. This requires being visible and active in the community (schools, coffee shops, restaurants).

Communicate the Vision

  1. Take a leadership role in articulating the vision of the church: Preach about the vision, talk about it to members and the community, include it in bulletin articles, etc.
  2. Communicate on a consistent basis how the vision applies on a practical level to all church members.

Administrative Duties

  1. Be the administrator over the church office and other employees.
  2. Serve and work alongside the other ministers and staff of the church and participate in shared staff responsibilities (visits, visitor follow-up, etc.).
  3. Participate in Elders’ meetings and provide regular updates.
  4. Maintain consistent office
  5. Participate in an annual job performance

For questions and where to send resumes please contact:

John Leatherwood at or 214-808-3157 or 972-563-3464

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