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Preacher Needed - Pacific, Missouri

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Feb 27, 2023

Pacific church of Christ Minister Job Advertisement Our Congregation The Pacific church of Christ is looking to hire a minister for our congregation. The Pacific church of Christ has been in existence since 1955. Our average attendance is around 60 on a Sunday morning, of which 20 are of school age or younger. Our congregation is led by the men as we strive to love God and love our neighbors. We want to serve, seek, and save the lost in our community. Currently, Jerrie and Gail Barber are working with our congregation and have been for the last year.

Our Community The City of Pacific, Missouri, formerly the town of Franklin, is located in both Franklin and St. Louis Counties. There are approximately 7,500 people who live here. Pacific is located along Historic Route 66, while U. S. Interstate Highway 44 cuts through the northern part of the town and connects to St. Louis to the northeast, which is home to Cardinal baseball, Blues hockey, Six Flags, the St. Louis Zoo, as well as the Gateway Arch. Both the Union Pacific and the Burlington Frisco Railroads run through the City of Pacific. The Meramec River is on the south side of Pacific, which is the longest free-flowing waterway in Missouri, emptying into the Mississippi River. St. Peter Sandstone bluffs line the north side of Pacific. Children, who live in the Pacific community, attend schools within the Meramec Valley School District.

Our Future Minister Our future Minister will be enthusiastic for the Lord. He will project as well as live out a sound doctrine. Our Minister will have a desire and commitment to work under the oversight of the men of the congregation. He will serve as a preacher, teacher, counselor, and comforter to the members of the congregation as well as to the local community at large. Our future Minister loves people and has excellent communication skills. He will love to work with our kids, as well as their families, and will have a passion for reaching out to the community to make disciples for Christ.

Our Consideration To receive our consideration for this position, please forward your resume, links to three sermon videos, and three letters of recommendation with their phone and email contact information to one of the addresses below. A complete job description will be sent upon the receipt of the requested information.

Mailing Address: Pacific church of Christ 112 North Payne Street Pacific, Missouri 63069 Email Address: Phone Number: (636)271-6136

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