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Preacher Needed - Bonham, Texas

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March 14, 2023

Preacher Posting

The Northside church of Christ is a congregation of approximately 160 members in a community of about 10,000 citizens. Bonham, situated about 75 miles northeast of downtown Dallas, is the county seat of Fannin County – a rural county of some 36,000 souls.

We are a mature congregation of approximately 160. Our building was erected in 1965, but the church existed in Bonham for many years prior.

We are shepherded by 4 Elders and served by 3 Deacons. We aid in support of several missionaries and children’s homes.

We are searching for a pulpit minister/evangelist who will nurture, uplift, and spur our members to an ever-present love of the Lord and consistent spiritual growth.

We seek a pulpit minister who defines his ministry as preaching, teaching, and equipping others to serve – all focused on spreading the Gospel and saving the lost of our community and abroad.

The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic and highly motivated self-starter with a focus, not only on developing strong interpersonal relationships within the membership, but moreover possesses an evangelical attitude with a desire to reach out to the community to grow the church (save souls) in our area. We are ready for the candidate that can help us grow from where we are today, to where the Lord wants us to be in the future.

Our preference would be a candidate that is married. Under the oversight of four elders, he should be active in church ministries and in the lives of individual members of the congregation.

The ideal candidate should, of course, have an in-depth knowledge of God’s Word, hold fast to Biblical truths, and be able to effectively communicate those truths for the edification of the congregation and growth of the church. He should demonstrate the ability to relate well with members of all ages.

To summarize, we seek a man who:

  1. Possesses a genuine love of the Lord and is grounded in the Word,
  2. Can relate to and work with all ages,
  3. Has an active and supportive family
  4. Can reach out to the community and be involved in community evangelism,
  5. Can teach Bible classes and conduct Bible studies,
  6. Is compassionate toward people and ministers to their needs,
  7. Is competent in information technology, PC literate, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Come and join our fast-growing community – a community with new lakes and new developments on the horizon.

Send Resumes to -

903-583-3484 - office or


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