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Preacher Needed - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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April 7, 2023

The Emerald Coast church of Christ in Fort Walton Beach, FL is seeking for a sound gospel preacher to come and preach the truth and edify the body of Christ. We are a small group of Christians located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. We have about 10 members on Sunday mornings and are an small group seeking to grow in faith. With our membership, we are currently unable to provide a full-time salary for the role. However, we do have a 3-bedroom parsonage available next door to the building. Ideally, the role would be good for a graduate and family to live in Fort Walton Beach, and we could offer supplemental income.  

Qualifications Needed:

-Graduate of a brotherhood preaching school/bible institute (Preferred but not required)

-Sound in doctrine and lives according to the truth in God's word.

-Preach and teach on Sunday AM Bible class and worship service.

-Able to lead singing on Sunday AM worship.

-Teach Wednesday evening bible class for the congregation.

If interested, please email resume, or call for more information below:

Contact: Gail Speed


Phone: 850-685-1114

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