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May 9, 2023

Dear Brethren,  

I began preaching on a full-time bases in 2009 while still attending Brown Trail School of preaching. The Ferris church of Christ needed a pulpit preacher, and I was filling in on a regular basis when they offered me a fulltime position which I readily accepted.

I must say that I was not always interested in preaching but was a working cowboy for 35 years. During the course of life, I was asked to fill in while the preacher was gone and soon found myself preaching somewhere every weekend. As I studied my love for the truth and for the souls of the lost grew. When my kids finally went off to college, I sold all of my livestock and equipment and followed the doors that God opened for me as a preacher. This love for God and His truth has driven my every action since that time. 

With Robert Stapleton as one of my mentors I have developed a true love for not only learning but also teaching. I have a mission mindset having been to Cape Town, South Africa several times and currently serve as the liaison for Brown Trail School of preaching and the Cape Bible School teaching via zoom several semesters a year. My love for learning has driven me to complete six degrees in Bible and Leadership having a Doctor of Ministry as my highest degree and in the process of completing my Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership. All of this learning is for the building up of the Lord's church and His glory.

My greatest passion is to help develop the leaders and preachers of tomorrow. With many of the old warhorses going to their rewards there is a growing need for not only preachers but qualified shepherds to stand in the gap in a time when many are falling away from our Lord and Savior. If I can help train just one faithful servant, my life will have been a success for God's glory.

Your servant in Christ,

Mike Roberts

1040 W. Hale Ave

Porter, OK 74454

(254) 625-1217

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