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Preacher Needed - Laurel Street, San Antonio, Texas

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The Laurel Street Church of Christ located in San Antonio, Texas is currently seeking a minister who defines his ministry as preaching, teaching and equipping others to serve. We are a multi-racial congregation of 55+ families that is seeking to grow. The ideal candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of God’s holy and divine Word, hold fast to Biblical truths and be able to effectively communicate those truths based on God’s wisdom and not his own. In the 89-year history of this congregation we’ve had two elders and zero deacons. Candidate must be someone with strong leadership characteristics, enduring and determined to teach, train and “appoint” men selected by the congregation to the office of elder and deacon “to set right the things lacking” for the edification and growth of the church. In addition, candidate must be a man of integrity, truthful and willing to work with the brethren in maintaining the weekly administration of the building, church programs and the spiritual health of the saints. Youth ministry is a vital aspect of church life. He and his family should also be active in church ministries and employ creative and effective outreach methods to reach this important demographic. Preferred characteristics: Experience in Church Administration Strong organizational and planning skills with the ability to execute Ordained or established elders and deacons Bi-lingual in English and Spanish Minimum of 5 years of preaching experience in the church of Christ Church growth through sound preaching and effective teaching If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit your resume via the email address below. Submit by mail audio or video media of two sermons and a concise statement (1-2 pages) that characterizes your current ministry efforts and style. If sermons are on YouTube or other social media platforms, please email links and the 1-2-page statement with your resume. Please ensure resume list preferably elders and deacons as references, if applicable. Please mail or email this information to: Laurel Street Church of Christ Minister Search Committee 1747 W. Laurel Street, San Antonio, TX 78201 If you have any questions, -p-lease contact Bro. Berdell Lindsey @ 210-872-4271 or Bro. Carroll Williams 757-605-8307.

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