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Preacher Needed - Ave T - Temple, Texas

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July 10, 2023


Purpose: Avenue T Church of Christ is a small congregation seeking a full-time pulpit minister/evangelist. Candidate must be knowledgeable of the scriptures, sound in his sermons and bible classes, and willing to help the congregation grow. We are looking for a preacher with a passion to serve, a desire to promote growth in relationships with the Lord and with one another, and to provide outreach to the community. Scope of Responsibilities: The pulpit minister will work within the vision and mission of the Avenue T church of Christ, under the guidance of the eldership and as a member of our ministry. He will provide leadership for planning and coordinating of many activities and events offered at or by the Avenue T church of Christ. He is expected to be a leader and provide the guidance necessary to get the best results from the ministry programs. The pulpit minister will coordinate ministry planning and facilitation and keep the elders advised. Responsibilities: o Accountable to the elders. o Pulpit preaching. o Preach at Sunday A.M. service each week o Preach at Sunday P.M. service each week or hold evening devotional and discussion of morning lesson o Teaching o Teach a Bible study class Sunday A.M. o Teach a Bible study class or devotional at Wednesday P.M. service o Visit members, shut-ins, nursing homes, and visitors regularly. Coordinate with Habanero ministry teams. o Coordinate planned ministry/congregational activities that reflect Biblical objectives. o Attend monthly Sunday P.M. elders meeting with elders and other ministers. o Provide a monthly status report to the elders concerning contacts, activities, issues, concerns, and needs. o Available as needed/as applicable on days off (special circumstances, funerals, emergencies, etc.,) Administrative Duties: o Write articles or consult with secretary about articles for the weekly bulletin. o Maintain availability by phone and schedule regular office hours and days off. Counseling: o Provide pre-marital counseling and other counseling to those who desire it. o Offer referral and encourage further help for those who need it. Expectations: o Stand for sound healthy doctrine and against false teaching o Stand for stewardship from God by Faith o Stand for and be an example of Love o Love from a pure heart o Embody a good conscience o Demonstrate a sincere faith o One who will wage the good warfare o Being ready in and out of season to gently rebuke those who stand against the Gospel of Jesus our Lord and Savior o One who will not shrink back but will step up in faith to teach/preach/guide/walk along side of their brothers and sisters in Christ o One who will be no respecter of persons but will reach out to all mankind sharing the only true Gospel as has been put forth by the Holy Spirit through His word. o One who is subject first to God, then to the eldership Qualifications: o Member of the church of Christ o Strong faith and commitment to the call of serving the Lord as a pulpit minister o Excellent interpersonal skills both verbal and written, as well as a demonstrated ability to lead Bible study, organize activities, communicate ideas, and use time effectively o Bachelor’s degree with Bible major or training from an approved preaching school is preferred, but applicants without a degree who have successful ministry experience and demonstrate sound doctrine will be considered.

Contact Person - Donald Marshall

Email Address -
Phone Number - 254.499.7240

Ave T church of Christ
2009 W Ave T
Temple, TX 76504



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