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Preacher Needed - Sterling City, Texas

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July 19, 2023


Sterling City Church Of Christ is looking for a full-time preacher. We are a small town in West central Texas with a weekly attendance of 40-50 members. A nice 4 bedroom 3 bath parsonage with all bills paid will be provided. This is a friendly community with an excellent school system and a great place to raise children. All children attending school in this district will receive $4,500.00 PER YEAR towards college or a higher learning tuition. God has blessed us and we are financially stable and able to pay a competitive salary. This ranges from $55-$65 a year depending on negotiable duties and experience. We have no age preference but need a man that is energetic enough to be youth oriented. Our preacher must also be active in the community as well as have a presence at the nursing home. We want a preacher that will speak were the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible does. If you feel like you are the right fit for this job please contact Tommy Wright at 325-895-0446 or email me at 
Thank You very much,

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